Our Services


End-to-End Podcasting Solutions

Only want to focus on talking content and not worry about anything else? Wondering how that’s possible? Leave it to us, we have a whole team to look after your podcasting needs from start to the end!

We will help you with:

    • Tailor made podcast concepts, sketching out the entire podcast plan.
    • Collaboratively crafting episode content with your team.
    • Preparing the host with voice training and modulation.
    • Execution and scripting include careful planning, writing, recording, editing, mixing.
    • Podcast Resources like covert art and show notes.
    • Distribution, Marketing, Promotion & Analytics.



    Have you already thought of a podcast concept or even better you already have a podcast. But it’s not scaling as much as you’d like?

    Well here’s what we’ll do for you.

      • Review your podcast and your content and your pre-existing marketing strategy.
      • Let you in on some tried and tested tips to grow your podcast.
      • Come up with a solid content strategy and marketing plan for your podcast to scale up.
      • Figure out together how to help you improve overall.



      If you’ve got everything in place, such as podcast ideas but only need help with the audio-visual editing of it then we’ve got the best team of sound and video editors to make your podcast sound professional.

      What will we do?

        • Audio and video production of your podcast.
        • Audio mixing & audio editing.
        • Ready-ing your podcast for distribution.
        • Packaging your podcast.



        You may be the next Ben Shapiro of the podcasting world but how’s that going to happen if nobody knows about your podcast? We make sure your podcast falls on the right ears that always come back for new episodes!

        How do we do that?

          • Repurposing your content and pushing it on various social media channels.
          • We help you distribute your content according to the best launch strategy.
          • Create a strategy using organic or paid channels to promote your content.
          • Monetisation and sponsorship from brands.

          “We’re one client away from finding the next Alex Cooper and you’re one call away from creating a chart topping podcast!”


          Why does my business need a podcast?

          We focus on sending out a message through podcasts. And a great podcast can be the high point of your content mix, helping you reach new audiences and taking your brand on another level. Together, we help deliver your brand story in fresh, creative ways like no other medium can.

          How can I start my podcasting journey?

          Though podcasting seems overwhelming, the process is quite simple. To begin with, you can set-up a free consulting call with us and help us understand your requirements, to which we’ll offer suitable solutions. Going ahead, you can take up our one-on-one mentoring session to delve deeper into the podcasting process.

          Why can’t I do it myself?

          Yes, you can and many podcasters are already doing so. But if you want your listeners to wake up every morning waiting for your new episode to launch, you’re going to want to need our help creating that podcast. But on the other hand, if you’re able to do all of that yourself, allow us to hire you for our team 😉

          How can AudStory help me launch my podcast?

          We know exactly what it takes to launch a podcast from scratch and then grow it to massive proportions. Our team is an expert in launching and managing niche podcasts. From Business to Marketing, we’ve cracked the code in all areas.