Case Studies

Simmy Said Whatt?!


After being successful in the Beauty industry for years, Simmy took a pivot to the podcasting industry in 2020. She believed that she had ideas and content to share with the world and that was the start of her chart-topping podcast “Simmy Said Whatt?!”

SSW is the first of its kind video podcast. It is an unfiltered podcast which features Simmy talking to her guests about uncensored experiences, intimate stories and adulting mishaps. Basically, answering questions we can all relate to!


While Simmy came up with the idea and concept of her podcast, she was still new to the podcasting industry and did not know how to go on about it.

Where AudStory Helped

For Simmy’s podcast, we helped her with

  • End-to-End podcasting solutions
  • Ideation to content structure- both outline and episodic structure. 
  • Podcast Video Equipment, Shooting & arrangements
  • Audio-video production
  • Editing teasers/trailers for the podcast launch
  • Promoting it on social media as well. We also took care of 
  • Launching the podcasting and scheduling it as per the best patterns. 
  • PR management & Brand Collabs

Once launched successfully, we also helped her with PR management and brand collaborations like Sula Vineyards, The Souled Store, and many more.


In no time, this show has become the latest top trending show on Apple podcast and Spotify. This was the first of its kind in India with a majority of female listeners. Since this show has proven to be authentic and trustworthy, it had been the top most show in its category with 4.6 stars on Spotify. Ever since its launch, it has been the Top Charting podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and all the other major platforms. It ranked first on all of these platforms for weeks straight with 1 million downloads within 4 months. We also made it to the top 1% of Global Podcasts. It created a buzz to an extent where the podcast got the biggest audio platform’s attention and a lot of opportunities were generated

Simmy’s presence on YouTube expanded their reach and audience beyond audio-only platforms and within no time, the channel attracted over 450,000 subscribers. The podcast’s popularity contributed to Simmy’s overall growth and success across multiple social media platforms.

Podcast Testimonials

Loved It

More power to you.Beautifully shared your experiences and at the same time spreading awareness on topics, loved it.

She is a bad girl

But she is honest about her life and in reality we are all like that. That’s why we enjoy this podcast cuz we relate to it.

Be Empactful


Done by community strategist and marketing strategist. While they already knew how to create a full fledged marketing strategy while also building a community they decided to create a podcast out of it.


While season 1 of their podcast had meaningful content, the quality of their podcast in terms of content structure, editing, delivery, was not the best as they weren’t experts. Also, this was a pandemic attempt.

Where AudStory Helped

Upon launching their Season 2 and 3 with AudStory’s help:

  • Professionalise their podcast 
  • Relaunch their brand identity
  • One-on-one voice training provided
  • Content training
  • Launched season 2 with guests.
  • Handled Social Media for both seasons, right from content, to creatives & branding.


  • They got new clients on board, and their business grew because of this podcast.
  • Have multiple projects on-board due to the podcast.

We are also helping them launch their season 4 soon.

Misunderstood The Assignment


BuzzFeed India is a home for humor, realness, cultural commentary, and stories that help young Indians express themselves and connect with one another.

BuzzFeed India’s new original podcast called Misunderstood The Assignment, explores the ups and downs of life as a twenty-something in India. The podcast is hosted by Shreya Shetty and features a mix of BuzzFeed India creators, influencers, finance experts, comedians and musicians.

The podcast covers a range of topics that affect people in their twenties, including dealing with heartbreaks, hustle culture, personal finance, adult friendships, identifying toxic people, moving away from home, and more.


  • Initiated the first-ever podcast venture in India
  • Onsite audio and video production: Implemented a comprehensive strategy for producing high-quality audio and video content on location.
  • Venturing into uncharted territory: Explored a new medium in the Indian market, requiring guidance from industry experts.
  • Expert guidance: Collaborated with experienced professionals to provide valuable insights and direction for the successful execution of the podcast project.

Where AudStory Helped

  • Participated in initial discussions to provide expertise and guidance in various areas including shoots, marketing, strategy, and content.
  • Provided expertise with audio and video production in coherence with the podcast content and the team’s expectations.
  • Played a crucial role in positioning the product effectively in the market, ensuring its unique value proposition was communicated to the target audience.
  • Utilized our network and industry connections to secure prominent features for the product, resulting in increased visibility and credibility.


  • Achieved a significant milestone of 10,000 downloads within a short span of time.
  • Played a crucial role in helping the podcast get featured on major audio platforms like Spotify.

The Damn Good Marketing Podcast


Hasita Krishna is a marketing strategist and the founder of Motley Crew. She’s best known for introducing comic strips to the world of cybersecurity, who looks forward to developing sustainable, outcome-oriented ways of doing B2B marketing, and implementing these plans until they’re successful. She’s a B2B Brand Strategist, Digital Marketer, Creative Director, and also a Copywriter.

Subha C, founder of RainKraft, who has 22 years of business experience, having managed a diverse team across cities while delivering on critical processes and innovative client solutions. She works with large teams, guiding and mentoring them to achieve operational excellence and client delight was an energising space to be in. I know what it takes to enjoy the daily adrenaline rush, drive teams to cross the finish line, and also meet roadblocks and deterrents head-on.

Together they created the top marketing podcast in India.


  • Seeking assistance to launch a new professional podcast
  • Already had an existing podcast but aiming for a more professional approach
  • Needed guidance on content structure for the new podcast
  • Looking for expert advice on the podcaster’s approach
  • Desire to create a podcast that stands out from others in the industry

Where AudStory Helped

  • Brand identity creation
  • Ideation and content property creation
  • Structuring the content flow
  • Provision of one-on-one voice training
  • Podcast marketing training
  • Efficient podcast delivery

Resulted In

  • Ranking on Apple Podcasts’ ‘TOP PODCASTS BUSINESS’ List
  • Ranking in ‘Top 10 Marketing Podcasts’ in India
  • Assisted in the conversion of their podcast into a compelling lead magnet to drive business growth.
  • Provided support and expertise in leveraging their existing podcast content for lead generation purposes.

Podcast Testimonials

Fun & Engaging, full of insights

Came across this while looking for something relevant for digital marketing in Indian context. Great insights in an engaging format for businesses trying to get it right.

Marketing simplified

Love the approach, keep things simple and let listeners understand the concepts without getting overwhelmed.

What fun marketing can be!

Really taking a lot away without it feeling like a chore.

Neera Ki Naiiya

Concept Development

Neera Sharma, ex-principal of a very reputed school. She wanted to do something in the kids’ space and she used to write a lot of stories for children and always wondered what she could do with those stories? That’s when we came up with the idea that those stories could be converted into podcasts for children within the age group 5-12.

Also another reason why she wanted to do this was because of her grandchildren, who wanted her to recite new stories everyday. And that’s how we decided on starting Neera Ki Naiyya, a podcast for kids and parents to bond over.


  • Initial uncertainties surrounding the success of our inaugural Hindi podcast.
  • Concerns about achieving desired levels of audience engagement and reception.

Where AudStory Helped

  • First IP project:
  • Successfully finalised the concept.
  • Provided comprehensive technical support.
  • Conducted audio editing and production.
  • Efficiently managed the podcast schedule.


  • A recognised podcast on Gaana
  • Ranked in Kids and Family Category
  • More than 30,000 downloads
  • +100 Episodes have been established
  • Has a fan following of Kids and Young Parents
  • Invited to events to recite stories from her podcast.

Podcast Testimonials

Amazing Story

O my my, such a beautiful and thrilling story that it kept my 9 year old daughter Nirvanya, enraptured for a full 11 min and the final part of the story made her emotional and happy too. Thank you ma’am for this lovely and heart touching bedtime story. Your honeyed sweet voice is the star element of the show and I also loved it because it is in hindi which is so rare these days. Your podcast gives my daughter access to beautiful stories in our national language with perfect diction. Thank you so much ma’am!!

Odd Stories


Odd Stories is AudStory’s first original podcast series hosted by the founder, Neeti herself. It is a bite-sized podcast where we simply go on the road and ask people to share fun and entertaining, inspiring or just relatable stories with us. We just give them the microphone and the platform is all theirs!

So far, we’ve had a mix of inspirational, friendship, situationship and relationship, cute father-daughter, a whole lot of drunk stories and much more.


  • Introduction of the first-ever original podcast
  • Emphasis on the podcast being bite-sized
  • Concerns regarding the level of engagement it may generate
  • Mention of audio quality challenges due to recording in various locations, including on the road and in public places.


  • The podcast is already featured on Apple Podcasts under ‘New & Noteworthy’ section
  • Within just about 9 weeks of its launch, the podcast has received an impressive 5000 downloads.
  • Helped our brand gain a new set of young target audience through the podcast.
  • Certain episodes of our podcast have achieved notable rankings in Apple Podcasts’ ‘Comedy section’.
  • Many individuals and even brands have started reaching out to us to share their stories with us, providing us opportunities to collaborate with them and feature them on our podcast.

Podcast Testimonials

Short and cute

This is such a fun concept for a podcast, can’t wait to hear more stories.

Fun and different

This one is super fun and very different from what I normally hear and hello love the length. Short and crisp.