From Ideation To Creation

Let Us Launch Your Podcast


4 Hours of Intensive and Immersive Learning

Join us for this specially curated 2 days program. There will be two live and interactive online sessions for two days each.

The sessions will include:

  • 4 hours of in-class learning
  • Practical sessions with demo.
  • Vision, Mission and Episode Break -up Worksheet
  • Live Exercises
  • Technical Resources and Software PDF
  • Your Own Podcast Trailer

    How will this help you?

    Plan Your Podcast

    Script Your Episodes

    Prepare you to make your podcast launch-ready.

    Day 1

    Hour 1: Ideation To Scripting

    • Find Your Niche
    • Vision and Mission
    • Narrow Your Target Audience
    • Break Your Idea Into Episodes
    • Content Worksheets

    Day 1

    Hour 2: Voice & Interview Training

    • Emote Through Your Voice
    • Voice Modulation
    • Art Of Interviewing
    • Break Your Idea Into Episodes
    • Live Excercises

    Day 2

    Hour 3: Technical Training


    • Hardware & Software Requirements
    • Artwork & Show Notes
    • Editing Techniques
    • Techical Requirements – PDF

    Day 2

    Hour 4: Become Podcast Masters

    • Launching Your Podcast
    • Market Your Podcast
    • Q & A Session
    • Bonus Time

    What you should Expect








    Podcast Trailers

    We have a few bonuses for you!

    Vision, Mission & Episode Break-up Doc

    Technical PDF
    Script and Record your Podcast Trailer

    Meet Your Mentors


    Neeti has been a radio jockey for more than 7 years. From being co-founder of a tech start-up, Divide By Zero Technologies to being the founder of her own boutique podcast production company AudStory, it’s been a long journey of learning something new every day. After creating 6 top-charting podcasts in different categories like Society & Culture, Marketing, Mental Health, etc., Neeti has cracked the code to help you excel in all areas!


    Sahil has been into the audio industry for the last 14 years. He has worked with a private FM station and is currently working for an online USA based radio station as an RJ and station manager. He has anchored many stage shows, top one on his list is live hosting at the Times Square for an audience of more than 25k. He has trained many talents and some of them are now working with some leading radio stations across the globe.

    Launch Your Podcast Right Away-The Process

    Make the payment.

    Team AudStory will get in touch with you and discuss your requirements in detail.

    Schedule the live workshop, 2 days – 4 hours
    Let us meet on Zoom Start your podcasting journey!

    Unlock Your Full Potential:  Say Hello to THE PODCASTER IN YOU.


    How can I register for this workshop?

    You make the payment and then team AudStory will get in touch with you. As per your convenience and the availability of the mentors our team member will set up the workshop dates.

    Can I immediately start my podcast after attending the workshop?

    Absolutely. ?

    What if I an unable to attend the workshop?

    If you are not able to attend the workshop due to any unforeseen circumstances then you need to inform at least day a prior to the workshop. We will reschedule it as per the availability. Even if it is only one day out of the two, we can reschedule it for you.
    Remember: You will be able to ask for a reschedule only once.

    Will I get the recording of the session?

    No, these sessions are live so you won’t get the recording but you will definitely get the resources like the technical requirements -PDF, Vision & Mission Document and most importantly your own podcast trailer. ?

    What if I have some queries after the class?

    You can reach out to us at and we will happily try and resolve your query.

    How many members from my team can attend?

    Minimum 1 to maximum 3 of your team members can attend. If you want more members to join this session.

    Still not sure if this is the right workshop for you? Fill this form and reach out to us and let us solve your doubts.

    Say Hello to the podcaster in you.

    Know More about the workshop.

      What others have to say about our workshop.

      Thanks a lot Neeti, your session was awesome! I came to know a lot about podcasting and also about the mistakes I was making. I am sure that your guidance will help me a lot in the future. You are awesome”.
      “Neeti as I told you I’m way older than everyone in the class. But I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this session. I’m from the pre-FM era and when FM came I was still young and being an RJ became a dream. Then life took over but the dream never left… as I’m pretty shy to be in front of the camera. So this provides such an amazing platform. Thank you so so so much for the session..”
      “Thank you for the wonderful session. Have been binge listening to your podcast recmendations “