Birth Of AudStory

AudStory is an outcome of lost jobs during the pandemic. But there’s a long backstory to it. So why don’t you grab a big bowl of popcorn?

This goes way back to 2008, when Neeti, our founder, started her journey as a radio jockey. She continued to be a storyteller in the audio medium for 6 years before moving towards Sales & Marketing for a tech start-up, Divide By Zero Technologies.

After moving on from that, she reconnected with the audio medium through another organization she was working with where she was a core team member. And that’s where she found her love for podcasting.

Coming to 2020, when in the pandemic, many people lost their jobs, Neeti was one of them. But instead of sulking about it, she took upon that as a challenge and came up with an idea of her own boutique podcast production company, that is AudStory.

Initially, we started with only a few clients, for whom we are extremely grateful. It’s been 2 years to AudStory and we keep growing every single day.

Over these 2 years, Neeti has helped many brands and individuals create chart-topping podcasts. Have a look at them in the Our Projects section.

“Our team is a mix of unicorns, ninjas, and wizards- making magic happen with our teamwork!”

Our Team

Neeti Sansare

The Founder

Sahil Mahajan

Consulting Partner

Janvi Bhalia

Social Media Executive